moran aviation Ltd.

Company Profile

For over 35 years Moran Aviation has been a leading company representing world wide major aviation companies for Parts & Systems for Aerospace Industries, Commercial Airlines & Defense sectors. Throughout these years Moran Aviation has provided its customers with a superior performance, enhanced safety and significant savings in fleet ownership costs.
Our vast experience includes import, export, organization, operations, field service and Integral Logistic Support (ILS).
Moran Aviation serves as the Israeli representative of a number of leading and respected international firms. We focus on giving our customers a competitive advantage so they can succeed in today's demanding marketplace. Our relentless commitment to integrity, high quality and customer support makes us the go-to provider for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 manufacturers and composite material suppliers supporting the development and production of commercial, business and regional or military aircraft.
We have achieved remarkable success by setting the bar high and delivering on our promises. Moran Aviation continues to demonstrate a high level of performance by focusing on operational excellence throughout every aspect of our business, including operational performance, customer responsiveness, employee development, technology and innovation.
We support airborne systems which are currently on board both fixed and rotary wing aircraft on use with Airlines, General Aviation, Business A/C as well as some of the leading fighter aircraft and UAV's.
These systems are varying from jet engines to any hadware as well as landing gears and avionics. Moran Aviation is looking forward to meet your requirements and provide you with a turn-key solution for your needs.